What is the Best Coffee Travel Mug?

What is the Best Coffee Travel Mug?

We believe the SmrtMugg is the best travel coffee mug on the market. But don't just take our word for it, the experts also agree. Mashable has named the SmrtMugg the best coffee mug for travel. Road and Track also tabbed the SmrtMugg as the best coffee mug for travelers. Also, recent testing by Good Housekeeping has also awarded the SmrtMugg as the best Self-Heating Travel Mug available today.

Here's a few reasons why the experts have named the SmrtMugg as the top travel mug available.

No-one hates anything worse than checking in to a hotel after a long day of travel and wanting to grab a cup of coffee as a quick pick me up. Most hotels have an all day coffee station in their lobby open to guests. But isn’t it just the worst when you pour a cup of coffee only to find out it’s cold (and probably has been all day)? If only you had a SmrtMugg that could heat up lukewarm coffee in just minutes. Pour that cup directly into your SmrtMugg and heat it back up to optimal temperature in seconds. Try adding a little cream and sugar to bring some flavor back to the coffee as well.

Speaking of traveling, the SmrtMugg is incredible to use while driving across the country. With it’s 10 hour battery life, you’ll need to stop and recharge before it will! Not to mention when you’re on a long drive, and you take a sip of piping hot coffee 5 hours after your drive began, and that sip is just as hot and flavorful as your first sip. That is such an energizing and re-invigorating feeling! I’ve also noticed I drink coffee slightly slower while using my SmrtMugg. Spreading out smaller sips of caffeine-infused coffee over a longer period of time also has the effect of helping you feel awake and alert for a much longer period of time. It never hurts to be more awake and alert while driving.

Now let’s talk about flying. The SmrtMugg has a 52.2 Wh battery, which is well within the FAA requirement of 100 Wh or lower for being able to travel on an airplane. Just bring your empty SmrtMugg onto the plane, and pour the airline coffee into it to heat it up to optimal drinking temperature mid-flight!

Now that you’ve finished your cup of hot coffee from your SmrtMugg on the plane, you notice your phone battery is almost dead! No worries, take out your SmrtMugg and use the external battery feature. Just plug the your phones charging cable into the SmrtMugg’s charging port (or if needed, use the USB-C to USB-A adapter included with SmrtMugg, depending on your phones charging cable) and your phone will be charged up in no time!

Now that you and your phone are recharged, Let’s talk about hotel room coffee. Many times the coffee maker and coffee provided in your hotel room are poor quality and bad tasting options. I’ve even made the comment that many brands of instant coffee are better than hotel room coffee. Good thing your SmrtMugg is even capable of brewing instant coffee on the go!

Now you know why we call it the SmrtMugg! Next time your traveling or on the go, don’t forget to bring SmrtMugg along as your intelligent travel companion!