the cure for cold coffee

Self-Heating Mugs, Never Microwave Your Coffee Again!

SmrtMugg CREATE Review

The Future of Coffee

Microwaving your coffee kills all the flavor. Get a SmrtMugg today and make cold coffee a thing of the past.


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The Smrtmugg is a breakthrough in coffee drinking technology! Smrtmugg will keep your coffee at the exact temperature you like, all day long. No cords or charging bases required. The extra large battery capacity, coupled with our precise heating technology will ensure that every sip of your coffee will be exactly how you like.


  • All Day Battery Life. 14,400 MAH battery will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature with a 10 hour battery life
  • Ultra-Fast Heating technology. Can heat cold water in 10 minutes. Competitors have low power heating elements that can take over an hour to heat cold water. Our heating technology is superior as it keeps your drink at the exact temperature you specify, and heats super fast!
  • Power Bank. You can use the Smrtmugg as an external power supply to charge your phone, tablet, or computer on the go. No need to bring additional batteries when the Smrtmugg has such a large battery built in.
  • Double wall, Vacuum insulated Mug. Will keep your drink hot or cold for a long time.
  • Great for tea, or instant coffee. Just bring the Smrtmugg when you travel or go hiking. It's the perfect product for making tea or coffee on the go!
  • Excellent Gift Idea. The perfect gift for the coffee-lover in your life.

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SmrtMugg Pro

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The SmrtMugg Pro is the ultimate desktop coffee mug. It boasts an all-day battery life when kept on the charging coaster, and a 4 hour battery life when on the go (with cover). Easily adjust the temperature from the button on the front of the mug. Huge 14 oz capacity. The SmrtMugg Pro will change the way you drink coffee. Unleash the full flavor and aroma of your coffee by taking every sip at the idea temperature!


  • Large 14 oz Size
  • Excellent gift idea for the coffee lover in your life
  • Unleash the full flavor and aroma of your coffee by taking every sip at the ideal temperature
  • Comes with a lid, so you can take your SmrtMugg Pro on the Go!
  • IPX7 Waterproof rating, meaning you can easily hand wash the mug in your sink
  • Easily adjust the temperature right on the SmrtMugg using the touch sensitive button on the front of the mug.



    SmrtMugg Go

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    The SmrtMugg Go is a heated travel mug for people on the go.

    It's simplistic design is great for what it's designed for, keeping your coffee hot.

    The SmrtMugg Go is our most straightforward product ever. It's got 1 button. Hold it down to turn on the heat. It will keep your coffee at 122°F (50°C). Hold it down again to turn the mug off. Tap the button once to display current temperature inside the mug in Celsius. Tap again to display current temperature in Fahrenheit. And tap the button a third time to display remaining battery life.

    From a full charge it will keep your coffee at the perfect drinking temperature for at least 90 minutes. With other mugs, the quality of each sip diminishes, as each sip is always a little colder than the last. This is no longer and issue with the SmrtMugg Go as each sip will be at the ideal drinking temperature. The SmrtMugg Go is also capable of keeping your drink warm all day during desktop use, if you start with a full charge and keep the magnetic power cord attached  

    The SmrtMugg Go is easy to clean (hand wash only) and once it's clean and dried, simply pop the innovative magnetic charging cord onto the mug and it'll be ready to use again in no time.

    The SmrtMugg Go is designed to be super simple, yet ultra-reliable. It's also one of the most affordable battery powered heated mugs on the market. We hope you enjoy your SmrtMugg Go. Great Coffee at the Perfect Temperature for a wonderful way to start your day!