Introducing the SmrtMugg CREATE - The New King of Coffee Mugs

Introducing the SmrtMugg CREATE - The New King of Coffee Mugs

Are you tired of having a heated argument with your coffee, begging it to stay warm for a few more sips? It’s time to say goodbye to those heated debates and say hello to the SmrtMugg CREATE- the latest introduction from SmrtMugg that’s packed with new technology.

With a 14 oz. capacity, the SmrtMugg CREATE is the perfect size for holding your daily dose of caffeine. But what sets it apart from other heated mugs is its incredible 5 hour battery life when used with the included cover. Imagine taking your cup of coffee on a long road trip, and having your coffee still be piping hot after you arrive!

Or you can leave your SmrtMugg CREATE on the included dual wireless charging pad at your desk to keep your mug, AND your phone, (and even yourself) charged up all day!

The dual wireless charging pad makes it the ultimate desktop accessory. 

The SmrtMugg CREATE also includes innovative temperature selection buttons, allowing you to dial in the exact temperature of coffee you like. No more having to drink lukewarm coffee, or having to wait for it to cool down to a drinkable temperature.

If you're looking for a heated coffee mug that not only keeps your coffee at the perfect temperature, but also helps keep your desk clutter-free, with the BEST battery life available, the SmrtMugg CREATE is the answer. Upgrade your coffee experience today and never have to worry about reheating your coffee again.

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