SmrtMugg Technology


Our technology is what sets the SmrtMugg Self-Heating Travel Mug above everybody else.

Containing an ALL DAY BATTERY LIFE (10 hours), this is truly a travel mug. No cords, charging bases, or car chargers needed. Some of the (more expensive) competition only offers a 2 to 3 hour battery life. Our crazy awesome battery life really frees you to take this mug anywhere and everywhere.

FAST HEATING TECHNOLOGY will heat your cold water or coffee up in no time. About 10 minutes is all it takes to heat cold water up to 135 Degrees F. Great for traveling or hiking. No need to take a portable coffee maker on the go, when the SmrtMugg can heat up cold water in about 10 minutes it's easy to make tea or instant coffee on the go.

FAHRENHEIT TEMPERATURE DISPLAY. Don't be fooled by the other smart mugs that only display their temperature in Celsius.

POWER BANK. You can use the mug as an external battery pack. Charge up your mind with your coffee, and then charge up you phone before your meeting.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. SmrtMugg can tell when it's being tilted for a drink. When the mug detects it's being tilted at a 45 Degree angle, and will momentarily turn off the heater while drinking. The heater will come back on as soon as the mug is set down upright. If the mug detects a drop of a spill, it will also turn off the heater immediately. 

HIGH TEMPERATURE HEATING. SmrtMugg can heat up to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit. Great for those who love to drink their coffee super hot. Please always exercise caution while using the SmrtMugg while the contents are hot.

PRECISION TEMPERATURE CONTROL. Easily select your temperature to a single degree. SmrtMugg's precision heating technology will keep your coffee at that exact temperature all day (when fully charged). Easy to switch to a higher or lower temperature, so you can get your coffee dialed in to your ideal temperature. Drinking coffee at the perfect temperature unleashes the full flavor and aroma of your coffee, for the ultimate drinking experience.