Optimize Your Coffee, Optimize Your Life

Optimize Your Coffee, Optimize Your Life

Mornings are busy, we’re in the same boat as you. Sometimes life happens and your day doesn’t go as planned. I used to hate walking into work in the morning with my foam cup of coffee, setting it down at my desk, and then getting pulled away into a meeting or to help a client and being forced to abandon my delicious coffee on my desk. Then when I’d return, my coffee was cold. Then I was forced to either drink cold coffee, or commit the ultimate crime against coffee-drinking humanity by putting my coffee in the microwave to heat it up (and also ruin any flavor left in the cup).


It’s time to optimize your cup of coffee with the SmrtMugg. If you need coffee in the morning to fully wake up and prepare for the day (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) then equally as important as drinking coffee, is the coffee drinking experience.

Have you ever drank a cup of coffee in the morning and thought, that cup didn’t seem to do anything, why am I still tired?

The process of waking up with a coffee is not only the act of physically drinking some coffee, but the overall coffee drinking experience plays an equal role. 

Coffee consumed at the correct temperature just hits different. It awakens your senses with every sip, by the temperature being perfect you can feel the warm sip going all the way down to your stomach after drinking, giving you that warm and comfortable feeling. Coffee consumed at the ideal temperature will have much more flavor and aroma that drinking coffee that’s too cold. Also if you have to microwave your coffee you’re actually chemically altering the drink. The best answer is to keep your coffee at the ideal temperature. Coffee that hasn’t been altered in the microwave will have a better affect of waking you up and helping you feel alert and prepared to take on the day.

When I used to drink coffee out of a traditional coffee mug I used to drink my coffee faster than I actually preferred. It was like a race against time, I only had a short window to drink my coffee before it became too cold and lost its flavor. 

This would result in inconsistent affects from drinking the coffee. Sometimes I would get a caffeine rush from drinking my coffee so fast, get a burst of energy for a brief period of time, and then crash hard, making me go and get another cup of coffee.

But since I’ve used SmrtMugg, I can drink coffee a little slower, the way I prefer. Every sip is at the ideal temperature, unleashing the full flavor and aroma of the coffee every time I pick up my SmrtMugg.

Drinking your coffee at a slower pace results in a more steady and even consumption of caffeine, which will keep you feeling alert far longer and will make you less likely to crash hard. Also drinking coffee at the correct temperature wakes your body up in more ways than just consuming caffeine. It awakens all your senses in every sip, by the full aroma of the coffee hitting your nose, the full flavor hitting your taste buds, the ideal temperature of the coffee feeling warm in your throat and stomach as your drink it. These factors all elevate your alertness by awakening your senses as well as consuming caffeine, resulting in a wonderful feeling that keeps you awake and alert throughout the day.

“Since I’ve switched to SmrtMugg, I’ve not only had a much better coffee-drinking experience, but I’ve also seen a measurable improvement in my work output, creativity, problem-solving ability, as well as my overall mood” one startup founder (who wished to remain anonymous) told us recently about his SmrtMugg.

We recommend trying the SmrtMugg today, to optimize your coffee and optimize your life.