Good Enough for Tesla, Good Enough for SmrtMugg

Good Enough for Tesla, Good Enough for SmrtMugg

Why is it that SmrtMugg competitor’s can only offer a 2 or 3 hour battery life, that in practice generally can’t last even 60 minutes according to numerous reviews?

What makes the battery life on SmrtMugg so great? We get this question a lot. And while we’re not going to break down all the details of our battery and power consumption tech that gives us such an advantage over our competitors, we will give this one detail: it all comes down to the quality of the batteries used.

The problem many people today run into is that they measure the battery life based upon the size of the battery contained within. In the case of batteries the unit of measurement is mAh, or milliamp hours. While this does technically measure the energy capacity of a battery, it doesn’t tell the entire story.

How is it that apple’s iPhone’s typically have better battery life than competitors while using smaller capacity batteries? Also iMac computers…they have much better performance than other PC’s while using processors that technically have a lower clock speed. Apple iMac’s, especially with their new “M” chips absolutely destroy the competition and generally match the performance of computers that cost 10x as much.

It doesn’t always come down to measurables and specs of a product, it actually comes down to the quality of the components contained within.

And that’s where our batteries stand head and shoulder above the competition. 

The batteries for SmrtMugg are provided by Panasonic, the world leader in battery and manufacturing technology, who also supplies batteries to Tesla for their Electric Vehicles.

Panasonic has been providing batteries to Tesla since 2009, and even to this day they actually have partnered up with Tesla and jointly own the “Gigafactory” together. The Gigafactory in Nevada, once complete, will be the largest building in the entire world and its sole purpose is to manufacture batteries for Tesla.

Tesla came to the same conclusion that we did when evaluating battery suppliers, Panasonic is simply better than everyone else. The quality of the batteries (as well as all other components) is what enables SmrtMugg’s tremendous battery life.

Batteries by Panasonic…Good enough for Tesla, good enough for SmrtMugg.